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Milito scored twice, Inter Milan defeated Bayern Munich and once again reached the top of Europe after a lapse of 45 years, becoming the first triple crown team in Serie A history. In the opening stage, Bayern Munich's attack once made the blue-black defense feel pressure. Robben was active but seemed a little lonely. Inter Milan relieved the pressure with the joint efforts of third-tier players. With the deepening of the game, the Italian team's anti-counterfeiting tactics began to release energy, and Milito's excellent opportunity to grasp the ability once again determined the trend of the game.


The Bernabéu Stadium on May 23, 2010 is destined to be a place to witness history. Two teams aiming for the Triple Crown will be an epoch-making duel. Van Gaal and Mourinho, formerly intimate mentors and apprentices in Barcelona, ​​brought Bayern Munich and Inter Milan to the point of making history in completely different ways. Compared to the Bundesliga giants who have already won the Big Ears Cup at the beginning of the century, the Nerazzurri are undoubtedly more eager for this Champions League trophy. Moratti's goal of inviting Mourinho is to reach the top of Europe. The madman is for this last Fully prepared for World War I.


Before the game, public opinion was generally optimistic about Inter Milan, Mourinho's team has long transferred their main energy to the Champions League arena, they have shown the king in the elimination of Chelsea and Barcelona. The biggest problem for Bayern is the lack of frontcourt core Ribery. Van Gaal will not give up his strategy of focusing on me. However, the decline in offensive quality is inevitable. This is very deadly when facing Inter Milan who is good at defensive counterattacks. of.

赛前,舆论普遍对国际米兰持乐观态度,穆里尼奥的球队早已将主要精力转移到了欧洲冠军联赛的舞台上,他们已经向国王展示了淘汰切尔西和巴塞罗那的能力。拜仁最大的问题是缺少前场核心里贝里。范加尔(Van Gaal)不会放弃专注于我的策略。但是,进攻质量的下降是不可避免的。当面对擅长防守反击的国际米兰时,这是非常致命的。的。

The single arrow has a large range of activity, and the double defensive midfielders have a balanced offensive and defensive line. The defense line of the "three and a half" defenders has a clear right tilt. There are many similarities between the 4231 systems of the two sides, and the main difference is reflected in the two wings of the striker. Bayern has a positive winger Robben, Eto'o & Pandev is different from ordinary wing players. This difference in coaching thinking is determined by the tactical environment of their respective leagues. "Guys, pay attention, if we play very well, that's what Bayern wants. We should fight their counterattack, we have to play a little bit." Mourinho was not overwhelmed by Ribery's absence. , He followed the previous pragmatic strategy against strong teams, Inter Milan won at the starting line.

单箭射程广泛,而双防守中场则拥有平衡的攻防线。 “三个半”后卫的防守线有明显的右倾。两侧的4231系统之间有许多相似之处,主要区别体现在前锋的两个侧翼上。拜仁有一个积极的边锋罗本,埃托奥和潘德夫不同于普通的边路球员。教练思维上的差异取决于各自联赛的战术环境。 “伙计们,注意,如果我们打得很好,那就是拜仁想要的。我们要打败他们的反击,我们必须打一点。”里里尼缺席并没有让穆里尼奥不知所措。之后,他遵循了以前对强队的务实策略,国际米兰在起跑线上获胜。

After the opening, Bayern actively pressured the ball without the ball. Inter held the ball but it was not easy to complete the advancement and penetration. Every time Maicon gets the ball, he is surrounded by two or three Bayern players. Van Gaal hopes to suppress Inter Milan’s defense at a back position. Preventing Maicon’s assist is equivalent to cutting off the most reliable inter-three line. Of a connection channel. The ball-handling offense is not the way Mourinho expects to play. When his own "rear wheel" is restricted by the opponent's focus, Inter Milan retreats to the center of the backcourt and fought a defensive counterattack.


At the beginning of landing in Serie A, Mourinho made some detours. The highly anticipated Quaresma and Mancini did not perform well. The 433 formation created by Mourinho for Inter failed before it took shape. The team returned to the scorched earth (4312) structure of the "Man Phase One" Inside. From the two-round match against Manchester United in the previous season, to the group stage of this season, Inter Milan’s performance has always been uncompetitive. Mourinho realized that if his team wants to make a breakthrough in the European war, it must be completed. Speed ​​up and use the space on the site as much as possible. Based on this consideration, Mourinho did not hesitate to sacrifice the league results for the cost of tactical experiments. Just as Rome's footsteps were getting closer, the 4231 formation system was successfully built.


In the process of reforming the tactical system, Eto'o became a relatively rare wing B2B in that era. The winger Pandev on the other side can also play a winger effect. Zanetti gradually adapted to the role of the midfielder, Milito and Maicon’s abilities have been completely released. The existence of Chivau means that this “continental flow” framework still retains the flavor of Italian zona-mista. In order to support the attack of "winger" Maicon, Inter Milan needs "three central defenders" to cover the bottom and Ziwo provides appropriate protection.

在改革战术体系的过程中,埃托奥成为那个时代相对罕见的B2B联队。另一边的边锋Pandev也可以发挥边锋效果。扎内蒂逐渐适应了中场的角色,米利托和麦孔的能力已被完全释放。 Chivau的存在意味着这种“大陆流”框架仍然保留了意大利透明带的风味。为了支持“边锋”麦孔的进攻,国际米兰需要“三名中后卫”来掩护最底层,而兹沃提供了适当的保护。

Chivau’s front-end delay, Pandev and Cambiasso’s help-defense squeeze, Samuel’s timely replenishment, Inter Milan set up a lot of obstacles on Robben’s forward path, they both want to contain the Dutch flying wings The pawn front also cuts off the connection between him and his teammates. After changing sides, Mourinho first arranged for Eto'o to change the defense on the left, and then transferred Zanetti to the left gate through substitutions. After all, the Inter Milan defender did not let Robben change the situation.


With a main lineup without Italians and deduced classic Italian football, Mourinho's success lies in his possession of a group of defenders with outstanding fighting ability and strong tactical discipline. Among them, the South American players' sense of smell and aggressiveness in defense are impressive. After stealing the ball, they use three passes and two passes to smoothly hand the ball to the midfielder's feet. This ability to shift from defense to offense is very important for supporting defense tactics.


In addition to using Robben's breakthrough to attack opponents, Bayern also tried to organize an offense through the left. It is difficult for Altintop to take advantage of Maicon. Bayern needs Olic's side to enrich the offensive level on this side. Bayern's 4231 is more like a 4411 or 442. Thomas Muller can fill the center vacancy left behind by Oliqui and maintain the suppression of the central defender.

除了利用罗本的突破进攻对手之外,拜仁还试图通过左路组织进攻。 Altintop很难利用Maicon。拜仁需要奥利奇的这一方面来增强这一方面的进攻水平。拜仁的4231更像是4411或442。托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller)可以填补奥利基(Oliqui)留下的中锋空缺,并保持对中后卫的压制。

Inter Milan is the treble champion, and Bayern also experienced earth-shaking changes in the 2009/10 season. Bayern in the Magath-Hisfield-Klinsmann era (2004-09) was precarious. They did not have an overwhelming advantage in the civil war, because the offense was not complete and the defense system was loose. The team was in the European war. Competitiveness is also quite limited. Marked by the 4-1 reversal of Juventus in the group stage, Van Gaal's transformation of Bayern showed initial results. At the beginning of the season, the 442 was replaced by the 4231 system. In the following years, Megatron Continental's midfield control + two-winged flying style took shape .


Bayern, which has just successfully transformed into the Champions League final, has exceeded many people's expectations. This team has great potential, but it is not mature enough in handling many technical aspects. Ram’s support for Robben is relatively limited. The potential of this backcourt genius was only fully released when his partner (on the right) Muller; Muller entered the penalty area to fight for the first place, what Bayern lacked was to fight for the second place. The power of a few points, the idea of ​​having double midfielders in attack did not gain attention until later in the Heynckes era. Inter Milan has a group of experienced defensive players, but the defensive system is not impeccable. Robben puts a lot of pressure on Chivau. Schweinsteiger and Van Bommel have physical advantages over their opponents, but these The strong points either existed in isolation or were not fully utilized, and ultimately failed to pierce the Inter Milan line of defense.

刚刚成功进入欧冠决赛的拜仁,超出了许多人的期望。这个团队潜力巨大,但是在处理许多技术方面还不够成熟。 Ram对Robben的支持相对有限。这个后场天才的潜力只有在他的搭档穆勒(右)才被完全释放。穆勒进入禁区争夺第一名,而拜仁缺少的是争夺第二名。在海因克斯时代后期,几分力量的想法一直没有引起人们的注意。国际米兰拥有一批经验丰富的防守球员,但是防守体系并不完美。罗本(Robben)对基瓦(Chivau)施加了很大压力。 Schweinsteiger和Van Bommel相对于对手具有身体上的优势,但是这些强项要么孤立存在,要么没有得到充分利用,最终未能突破国际米兰的防线。

In addition to the efforts of the defensive players, another reason why Inter Milan can play highly effective defense is that the frontcourt players can basically maintain high efficiency while "doing both roles". Eto'o cruising and going back and forth on the wing, Milito's wide range of movement, contact and pulling, Sneijder's contact and transmission, the combination of these elements gave Inter an excellent deep strike ability. In the first round of defeating Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan tried a staggering 21 hits. They still dared to take risks in the final. Milito shined brightly. Sneijder's control of the ball in the midfield is also crucial.

除了防守球员的努力之外,国际米兰之所以能够打出高效防守的另一个原因是,前场球员基本上可以在“同时扮演两个角色”的同时保持高效率。埃托奥(Eto'o)在机翼上来回巡游,米利托(Milito)广泛的运动,接触与拉扯,斯内德(Sneijder)的接触与传递,这些因素的结合赋予了国米极亚愽app取款快的好的深度打击能力。在击败巴塞罗那的第一轮比赛中,国际米兰尝试了惊人的21次命中。他们仍然敢于在决赛中冒险。 Milito闪闪发亮。斯内德对中场控球也至关重要。

The ball possession rate (31%-69%) is much lower than the opponent, the number of shots (12-21) is only half of the opponent, but the number of shots (7-3) is a large lead, and two goals have been scored. These data are perfect Interpretation of Mu's anti-revolutionary meaning. The reason why Inter Milan can achieve higher offensive efficiency with fewer attacks is entirely due to the tacit cooperation between the frontcourt players and the amazing efficiency of the terminator Milito.


In the 25th minute, Demichelis kicked Milito from behind with a shovel and got his first yellow card in the game. The experienced Mourinho quickly discovered Bayern's hidden dangers, and Demichelis' defense pressure increased sharply. Inter Milan’s goal to break the deadlock appeared in the 35th minute. Cesar kicked off from the backcourt. Milito quickly countered the goal after successfully fighting for the first spot. Sneijder sent a diagonal stopper and Milito flung away. Demi Kellis scored afterwards. A few minutes later, Inter Milan almost expanded the score, Milito sent a cross knock under the defense of Demichelis, Sneijder outflanked the angle of the door and was rushed.

在第25分钟,黛米切利斯用铲子从后面踢了米利托,得到了他的第一张黄牌。经验丰富的穆里尼奥迅速发现了拜仁的隐患,而德米凯利斯的防守压力急剧上升。国际米兰打破僵局的目标出现在第35分钟。塞萨尔从后场开始。成功争取第一名后,Milito迅速反击了目标。斯内德(Sneijder)送出一个对角线塞,米利托(Milito)甩开了。德米·凯利斯(Demi Kellis)进球了。几分钟后,国际米兰差点将比分扩大了,米利托在黛米切利斯的防守下发了横传,斯内德超越了门的角度而冲上去。

Although he failed to completely limit the play of opponents, Demichelis, who is a free man, is still the best Bayern defender to defend Milito. Perhaps because of fear of falling into the unfavorable situation of playing more with less, Van Gaal adjusted his defensive strategy against Milito after changing sides. Van Bitten appeared in the most dangerous position, which made Milito more comfortable in counterattack. In the Moratti era, Inter Milan has never lacked star strikers. Milito has key scoring abilities unmatched by his predecessors. Excellent mobility and sophisticated shooting skills perfectly meet the requirements of the Mourinho system for a single arrow.

尽管他未能完全限制对手的进攻,但自由主义者戴米切利斯仍然是防守米利托的最佳拜仁后卫。也许是因为担心陷入少打少打的不利局面,范加尔在换边后调整了对米利托的防守策略。范·比滕(Van Bitten)处于最危险的位置,这使米利托(Milito)在反击中更加舒适。在莫拉蒂时代,国际米兰从未缺少明星前锋。 Milito具有关键得分能力,这是他的前辈无法比拟的。出色的机动性和先进的射击技巧完全满足了穆里尼奥系统对单个箭头的要求。

The 2009/10 season is an immortal legend of courage, fighting spirit and belief in the history of Inter Milan. The bits and pieces of the Bernabeu battle can be described as one of the most exciting chapters in this colorful poem. "I still remember everything and all the details. Ten years later, everyone remembered everything. This is because it was so impressive and exciting. It was beyond the meaning of football." Can be called the pinnacle of Mourinho's coaching career, it is precisely relying on the great achievements made in Inter Milan, he won the opportunity to lead the Galaxy to challenge the "Space Team" Barcelona.

2009/10赛季是国际米兰历史上不朽的勇气,斗志和信念的不朽传奇。伯纳乌之战的点点滴滴可以被描述成这首多彩诗中最激动人心的章节之一。 “我仍然记得一切,所有细节。十年后,每个人都记住了一切。这是因为它是如此令人印象深刻和令人兴奋。这超出了足球的意义。”可以说是穆里尼奥执教生涯的顶峰,正是依靠国际米兰取得的巨大成就,他赢得了带领银河队挑战“太空队”巴塞罗那的机会。

Before the final, the Italian media began to praise Mourinho, they have compared him with the founder of the era of the great international era Erranio-Herrera, trying to use praise to retain the meritorious coach. Neither of them has the experience of being a good professional player. They are naturally informal and deviant. In the era of "no coach needed", Herrera asked people to call him a "coach" instead of a "technical consultant", and Mourinho realized the necessity of a coach to play a functional advantage as a team leader. Both of them are masters of psychological warfare. The praise and swear words given to Herrera by public opinion are enough to compile a dictionary, and the tricks Mourinho used to divert attention and suppress opponents are countless.


Inter Milan’s performance in the 2009/10 season was perfect. Mourinho has maximized his war mobilization and resource integration capabilities. The players’ physical and spiritual will have been greatly overdrawn, and the veterans have fallen into it after the peak experience. The long period of fatigue is difficult to extricate themselves, and the senior management is concerned about the "old feelings" and failed to update in time, which paved the way for the team's landslide in the next few seasons.


In addition to leading Inter Milan to make achievements, Mourinho's pioneering exploration at the tactical level has also had a profound impact on the Serie A strong. When he first joined Inter Milan, Mourinho was once the only foreign teacher in Serie A. After him, more and more Serie A teams began to try to introduce foreign teachers. Rudy Garcia and Benitez activated the madman to give up early. The 433 formation of Serie A deeply promoted the "Westernization" process of Serie A. Mourinho's creative use of the 4231 formation left a deep impression on people. Allegri borrowed from this idea when he created the "five-star battle formation" in the 2016/17 season. These are the madmen left to Serie A. heritage".

除了带领国际米兰取得成就外,穆里尼奥在战术层面的开拓性探索也对意甲强队产生了深远影响。穆里尼奥首次加入国际米兰时,曾是意甲唯一的外籍老师。在他之后,越来越多的意甲球队开始尝试引进外籍老师。鲁迪·加西亚(Rudy Garcia)和贝尼特斯(Benitez)激活了疯人,让他尽早放弃。意甲433队极大地促进了意甲的“西方化”进程。穆里尼奥对4231队的创造性使用给人们留下亚愽app取款快的了深刻的印象。阿莱格里(Allegri)在2016/17赛季创建了“五星级战队”时就借鉴了这一想法。这些是留给意甲的疯子。”

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